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16 February 2019


By the end of February, on the monolith of the First Skyscraper of Siberia and Far East the lines of stained glass will appear and the façade will start getting its designed appearance. The structural sections for the stained-glass glazing manufactured by Schuco, a leading supplier of the innovative enclosing structures, are already in transit, as well as double-glazing units manufactured by Guardian Industries, which are utilized in the best buildings all over the world. For creation of the faсade under such unique conditions, we have selected the best companies in their specialized fields.

Right now, the installation of brackets and aluminum translucent glazing structures, which will become a basis for the future facade. The developer of the Aquamarine Residential Complex, Stroitel Limited Liability Company has thought over a functional and at the same time aesthetically perfect façade. It will combine a special strength, maximum preservation of natural lighting and protection from ultraviolet. Very soon, you will be able to see it with your own eyes.