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2 December 2018


Once again we arrange a live broadcast in order to answer your questions. Last time we demonstrated our show-room on the 29th floor, where the partitions between the apartments were constructed — with their help you could evaluate the area of each apartment individually.

This time we were broadcasting live from the highest residential floor, where there were no partitions between the apartments. Here you can appreciate the view, which opens from the very top of the living part of the skyscraper. We have also answered the questions of the subscribers: whether or not the windows can be opened, is it possible to descend on the main elevator to the parking zone, what is the price of the square meter depending on the floor. You can get answers to these and other questions during our live broadcasting.

If a question of interest to you has not been covered in this video, you can always address your question to our sales department via the telephone 2-060-436. You can also sign up for our page in the Instagram and ask any questions during live broadcasting from the construction site.