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26 December 2019


Each new day nears the completion of construction of the first skyscraper in Siberia and the Far East.

Watch an impressive video from the construction site of the Housing Estate “Aquamarine” taken from a bird’s eye view.

Currently, the following works are carried out in the elite-class housing estate:

– construction of translucent structures of towers, and hinged ventilated facade of the high-rise part and stylobate is being completed,
– installation of ventilation equipment: supply and exhaust plants and smoke removal systems;
– installation of centralized air conditioning systems,
– distribution of cable routes of power supply in apartments and for lighting,
– fire alarm systems installation,
– distribution of heating in apartments, installation of trunk risers, binding of block heat points,
– arrangement of external heat networks.

All works are carried out ahead of schedule, and as early as in the 2nd quarter of 2020, dwellers will obtain keys to their apartments.

And we remind you of our fantastic New Year’s promotion — a discount of 5% on apartments will be available until December 31 as well as a unique program of interestfree instalment plan!

Do not miss the chance to make yourself an unforgettable gift and buy the apartment of your dream in the elite-class housing estate at the best price immediately before the New Year!

Hurry up, every day there are fewer available apartments. Call the Sales Department, ask questions, sign up for excursion!

The project is fully funded by the Bank “Dom.RF”. All transactions are carried out through escrow accounts with the bank’s guarantee.

Aquamarine — the first skyscraper in Siberia and the Far East 🔹