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12 December 2019


The Far Eastern mortgage with a subsidized rate of 2% has started!

And we are very glad that the very first borrowers received a loan at the reduced interest rate became the buyers of apartments in the Housing Estate “Aquamarine”!

If you are a young family and have been dreaming for a long time to live in the first skyscraper in the Far East, congratulations! Now your dream can come true! You can become the owner of the first elite-class housing estate at the unique price for the market.

To use the Far Eastern mortgage, both spouses must be younger than 35 years old, and at that the existence of a child is optional. One parent under 35 years of age with a child under 18 years of age can also participate in the program.

“Far Eastern Mortgage” program terms:
🔷Initial contribution – from 20%
🔷Loan term – from 3 to 20 years
🔷The maximum mortgage amount is 6 million rubles but not more than 80% of the object’s value.

Other conditions:
🔷Both spouses should be the citizens of the Russian Federation,
🔷Length of employment — at least 3 months at the last job,
🔷Individual entrepreneur — break-even business activity for at least 24 months,
🔷In the purchased apartment, the buyers must get a residence permit for 5 years after the mortgage issuance.

We remind you that the construction of the Housing Estate “Aquamarine” is nearing completion, and in less than a year, in the 2nd quarter of 2020, the apartment owners will obtain their keys.

Hurry up to choose and book the apartment of your dream; there are fewer of them every day. Call the Sales Department and sign up for excursion by phone +7 (423) 2-990-990