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reliability, quality and innovative technologies, all these determine architectural solutions of «Aquamarine» residential estate

A design for the skyscraper has been worked out by highly skilled specialists from Hong Kong with due regard to its special location, landscape-unique height of the building, as well as particular requirements to elite class dwelling. The best engineering solutions are used at every stage of construction. The building architecture is represented in simple and elegant style using environmentally safe materials. Thanks to translucent facade structures of the skyscraper, interior spaces appear light and comfortable. The building exterior is laconic and stands as a decoration of Vladivostok city scenery.

Building framework

To build the first skyscraper in hills at the seaside is a challenging task that requires attentive approach to everything, particularly, when choosing reliable materials. We could ensure such reliability: building cast-in-place framework having a high seismic capacity is made of highstrength concrete, class В35, which is used solely for the construction of long-life structures with special requirements to strength — bridge and hydraulic facilities, bank vaults and subway tunnels. Steel reinforcement using compound toughened steel of class А3. The foundation as a cast-in-place reinforced concrete plate 2500 mm thick is made on bored piles over 40 meters in length. Thickness of cast-in-place frame bearing walls — 300-400 mm, thickness of intermediate floors — 250 mm.

Facade systems


Guardian translucent structures have a high level of energy efficiency and enable to maintain a comfortable micro-climate in the skyscraper apartments all year round. Silver coating of multi-functional glass protects the apartment against heat loss, and sun-screen cover protects it against overheating. Facade system from German company Schüco, leader of innovative solutions in there respective field, which profiles ensure high fire- and freeze resistance. Thanks to floor-to-ceiling glazing, a plenty of ambient light in every room favorably influences upon health and makes living in the skyscraper more comfortable. Exterior finish is made of metallic panels with non-combustible mineral warmth-keeping plates manufactured by Danish company Rockwool, which is one of the best in there respective field. The building drainage system is built in reinforced water proofing cover, it removes excess moisture from under sewage pipes, this enables to maintain a pleasant and clean environment. The whole structure is covered with granite slabs for protection against mechanical damages.

High-speed elevators

Raising to the roof within 30 seconds, at a height where the hustle and bustle of the city become tiny and the sky is near at hand, feeling only comfort and calm. All the things are now possible in Aquamarine residential estate due to high-speed and noiseless elevators installed in the skyscraper, from the leader of the global lifting equipment market — Thyssenkrupp Elevators. They won’t keep you waiting: single smart system of call of every block section and elevating speed make the process to be the most convenient for dwellers. The structure itself has control over pressure drop, so this trip will not affect your well-being, it will rather remain unnoticed. Unic series elevators are equipped with up-to-date drive which ensures uncompromising performance and movement speed of 4,5 m/s, this is 1,5 floor per 1 second, lifting capacity of 1600 kg, and special operation mode in case of emergency situation.

ventilation systems

Fresh air and healthy micro-climate in every apartment are our viewpoint but not just bare words. We have chosen hew-generation inflow exhaust ventilation systems Geniox Comfort (Systemair) with an air recuperation function. Before your inhale it will remove dust and dirt from the air by a fine purification system, will moisturize the air and fill it with life. You can forget air conditioners, ventilation is made according to chiller-fancoil technology which maintains the set temperature level, and brings fresh and comfortable air to your home.


All communication systems in the residential estate operate to ensure maximum comfort for dwellers and are intended to be efficient and invisible. Towards this end in view, we have chosen electrical equipment from Schneider Electric having a nearly two hundred year history. It reliably protects the network against overload, and automatic devices enable you to save energy. Common areas are equipped with up-to-date lighting fixtures from globally recognized manufacturer Philips. In the underground parking place, they are equipped with motion sensors for convenience of drivers and energy savings. To ensure the uninterrupted operation of all systems in case of emergency situations, an emergency power supply is provided, Volvo diesel generator with a capacity of 956 kW.

Communication systems

Water supply in the skyscraper is centralized and operates through the upper supply system, thereby water pressure will be unchanged at any time and on any floor. The building is fitted with elastic cross-linked polyethylene pipes which are capable of withholding wide temperature variations. Water is exposed to primary treatment and filtration without fail. Heat supply in the residential estate is arranged through central systems a connection to which is carried out through an individual heating unit assembled from AlfaLaval heat exchangers and Grundfos pumps.

Air-conditioning systems

The Multi V water-cooled multizone condenser system is designed for large and tall buildings. With its compact size, the Multi V can be installed on any floor of a building, in any utility room. The low noise level ensures maximum comfort for people. There are no fans in the Multi V design. The system has the highest energy efficiency and operating costs are lower than those of traditional VRF systems. Thanks to its integration into the building management system and support for BACnet, LonWorks and ModBus, the Multi V system offers all the benefits of a traditional multizone system.

all life-support systems of the building are placed on the single control point for constant monitoring

Individual resource counting devices are arranged out of the apartments which enables not to disturb the dwellers when taking readings. When living in Aquamarine, there is no need to think of living conditions, we will arrange everything for you.