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life in Aquamarine is the life in the heart of the city, where its culture is concentrated

The streets in the downtown of Vladivostok preserve the memories of its history from the very beginning, and you will feel it when you go out for a walk. The main theaters of the city, the Primorye Regional Philharmonic and cinemas are located not far away, among cozy garden squares and monuments of architecture. After all, the house of your dream is not only an ideally furnished apartment in a beautiful and safe skyscraper, but also an area in which you will want to live.

The house of Vladimir Klavdievich Arsenyev

Just a stone’s throw away from a skyscraper, there is a small brick house with a hundred-year history, in which Vladimir Klavdievich Arsenyev, the first researcher of Primorsky Krai and the Far East, lived. Now this house has become a museum named after him, the interior of the museum has been carefully restored, and the guides are ready to tell each guest many stories from the life of the legendary traveler.

The monument to Yul Brynner

Walking further along the old streets, you will meet the monument to Yul Brynner — an outstanding Hollywood actor from Vladivostok, then you will walk past the Gray Horse building, shrouded in myths, and see the mysterious Millionka, which retains in its walls many amazing stories from the life of the city.

Primorsky Museum

And if you want to learn about all this in greater detail — next to you is a large Primorsky Museum, telling about the most important milestones in the life of Vladivostok and Primorsky region in its modern expositions.

Modern Art Centers

If your soul is attracted to art — Primorsky Art Gallery, Modern Art Centers «Khlebozavod» and «Artetage», as well as many other galleries are at your service.