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The municipal administration will erect the large kindergarten quite in front of the house in the near term that will significantly simplify the placement of little “Aquamarine” residents in the hands of high-end professionals


Different dishes of the world, the best service and pleasant atmosphere will be waiting for the residents of «Aquamarine» in the restaurants by the sea, just five minutes from the home.


Residents of «Aquamarine» can spend the evening watching a new film in a good cinema complex, without wasting time on the road – the halls of the new theater will work in the shopping and entertainment mall near the skyscraper.

Сhildren’s entertainment center

High-quality entertainment for children near home is an important indicator of comfort. Next to «Aquamarine» there will be a large entertainment center with highly qualified staff, where your children can have fun, and you will not have to worry about their safety.


You don’t have to go to the other side of the city to take your time and relax – the best SPA services are within walking distance of your new home.

Office premises

Business people who have chosen «Aquamarine» can afford a workspace within a five-minute walk of their homes. In the shopping and entertainment complex near the house you can arrange your office and not waste time on the long way to work.

Shopping space

The best brands will be presented in the shopping and entertainment complex next to the skyscraper – and you can arrange a pleasant shopping in a comfortable place at any time.

there's a plan for improvement of the beach:

  • A safe promenade
  • Children's playgrounds with safe rubber coated surfaces

a health and entertainment complex:

  • 1 and 2 floors — parking area for 600 car spaces for the housing estate residents and 400 — for the shopping and entertainment mall visitors
  • 3 floor — cinema, cosmetology, SPA, shopping space, recreational area
  • 4 floor — sports center with a swimming pool, recreational area
  • 5 floor — children’s entertainment center, recreational area
  • 6 floor — restaurant

Office complex

  • 1 floor — parking area
  • 2 floor — restaurant
  • 3 floor — dentistry, office premises
  • 4 floor — office premises
  • 5 floor — cosmetology, offices
  • 6 floor — office premises